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Hi so i wanted to make a follow forever for a couple reasons. One is that I haven’t made one in about a year, two is that its almost my 2nd year on tumblr like whaaaat, three is I just hit 7k i think that a big deal sorta huh and five i’m following a bunch of different people from last year and i feel i should let you know who my new favorites are. (plus its spring and everyone makes spring follow forevers)

If you’re wondering about the edit, I wanted it to have o2l in it but I also wanted it to be spring themed  and since there are no photo of the guys frolicking through flower fields (which there should be) I made this. Plus I really love teacup sized louis aus and this seemed to fit. (its pretty shitty but who cares b its rlly cute)

anyways yeah if you’re listed below I love you alot and i want to hug you and yeah. (and if you’re in boldyou’re one of my extra special favorites ok ily and if your in italics you dont know me but i love you but u dont know me oops)

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0range-franta ~ 2k14s ~ amlour ~ augustiswaters ~ aushtralia ~ bangstilinski ~ beyoncc ~  billiejoeclifford ~ calumpayne ~ caylans ~ caylen-jc ~ cfranta ~ condabon ~ conffee ~ connnorfranta ~ connofranta ~ dangbritish ~ femstyles ~ foundthebooty ~ frightomlinson ~ frozenlarry (my twinny <3) ~ gigglyian ~ grandelawley 

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 hemmoyay ~ hohrn ~ homechapel  ~ hrrystlys ~ indieboybands ~ inhalecaylen ~ irelland  ~ jadelust ~ jc-caylen-thursday ~ joeygattos ~ kianawley ~ kianlowley ~ kinkashtonkinkykian ~ kyuongsoo ~ laeheys ~  lawhley~ lawl0rffs ~ llirry ~ lovinziall ~ michaelgclifford ~ michoelclifford ~ morningsuns ~ mrjccaylen ~ niallar ~ niallfab ~ nialllhoran ~ nobritish ~ notjccaylen 

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Thank you all for making my dashboard great ok ily stay hella - Alana

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